Airplane Plant

An airplane plant is a great plant to start with because it will grow in spite of your ignorance.  By ignorance, I mean you ignoring it.  Airplane plants will suffer through over and under watering.  Then they’ll reward you with little babies that you can let hang down off their mother or plant so they can start a new life of their own.IMG_1146

This shows an airplane with its babies on the runner.

Although, when you look to buy one, it’s more likely to look like this.


I want to combine my plants into one big planter so first, I’ll “depot”.  That gives me the chance to look at the roots and give them a little more growing room.


 These are the roots of a healthy plant, ready to move to their new basket home


Now the plants go in plastic bags with potting soil packed around them.


Finally, the plants are set in their new home with a little moss around them.


Enjoy your new plant, and don’t forget to share little ones with your friends.

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