It is my all time favorite fragrance.  So how excited was I to read online that bergamot is sometimes called bee balm.  I remember seeing that plant at my local store amongst the herbs.  Husband asks if I need anything from above-mentioned store.        Yes, please.        Bee balm…I need two.

That’s when the trouble began.  Visions of bergamot sachets, maybe even potpourris, kept me clicking the keys…googling ways to turn my new baby plants into that wonderfully smelling essence.

I’ll be blunt.  Bee balm is Monarda  fistulosa.  The lovely smelling stuff is Citrus bergamia.

One is in the mint family, and I’ll be planting it in my garden soon.  Husband said he bought the last two.  The other is a tree with a lemon-like fruit that is grown in Italy.  As I’ve researched both, I must warn you.  The word bergamot is used to mean both.

My new bee balm babies, with their minty-like, square stems, will soon be joining the rest of the herbs.  Internet says they like semi-shade.  Clearly they will not be highly respected in the super-Sun loving herbs I have now.  That is ok.  If I can get them to flower, the web images show a beautiful flower.

a to z bee balm

My B post is about the other one.  Since it’s a tree that grows in Italy, I’ll probably be content to use essential oils, perfumes, lotions, and incense (hoping there is such a thing) that I can buy.  The rest of my post is random info.  I’ve lived it or I read it.  Hey, bullets !

♠  Bergamot essential oil gave me the worst burn in my life.  I’ve worn it for perfume for years…and it never occurred to me not to wear it to an outdoor tree drawing class.  I put it on the back of my neck…sat in semi-shade…and gave myself second degree burns.  I also burned my hand, after putting it on Monday….then, 15 minutes outside on Wednesday….gave me a burn.

♠  The wonderful taste and smell of citrus in Earl Grey tea is bergamot.

♠  Classic perfume 4711, from Germany, has bergamot in it.

Wait….what about the going outside all day stuff?

It rained all day.  I stayed in.

Look for Bergamot essential oil, with its orange, peppery, loveliness at health food stores.

B Day Bonus

This is my grand Boy in Bluebonnets at the Butterfly garden.

max bluebonnets.JPG

a to z letter badge B



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