This is equipment I needed to do today’s projects.  The face mask, gloves, and glasses are the vital safety equipment.  Concrete gives off a fine dust until you add the water.  You do not want to breathe it in.  This is a rare time that I actually got all the items I needed before I started.  I guess the idea that the concrete was going to harden intimidated me.  Turns out…it doesn’t act like plaster…hardening quickly.  It takes its sweet time.

The concrete mix I used was from a kit to make stepping stones.  I added water until it was a little stiffer than cornbread batter.  It might should have been a little drier, but I wanted the mix to go down into the fingers of the rubber glove I was using for a mold.


This is the beginning of the mixing.  I kept adding the terra cotta coloring because it wasn’t showing up.  Then, WAM !, with enough water, the mix turned.

Not many pictures since I was filling the glove with concrete and couldn’t photograph until I sat it down.


The rocks are pushing the fingers together…because I am making a hand planter.

There was extra concrete mix.  I used a small rectangular mold which I would later stamp with some letters.  There was still some left over…so I sprayed a bowl with cooking spray, laid rocks in, then added the last of the concrete.


Now to add some concrete on top of the black rocks.


Now…we…What ?!?    Wait 48 hours !?  How will I post the finished project on time?  Well, you and I will have to wait together.  I promise you will see the final planter, marker, and bowl.  D day ?  E day ?  You’ll have to check back to end the suspense.

I couldn’t wait.  I had to check.  Husband went with me shining the light.

The edge of the bowl had hardened.  The glove top was stiffer, but the fingers were still very soupy feeling.  The garden marker was just right.

Since I usually think one word inspirational sayings are dumb, it was difficult to think up something to stamp in my marker.

ENJOY….dumb      BELIEVE….dumb       GROW…..dumb    METAMORPH…is that a word?

So I thought about Concrete…what should I say to Concrete ?

The marker was a little too short…concrete can’t spell, anyway.


Hope you check back to see the planter and bowl.


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