Delightful Scented Ornaments

I knew the day would come in this blogging challenge that I would have to “cheat”.  Today is that day.  My original plan for D was to introduce dandelions as an edible delicacy.  As an outside all day kid growing up in Arlington/Alexandria, Virginia, my friends and I ate all kinds of stuff.  Dandelion flowers were one of our favorites.

I knew it would be easy to get some.  They grow everywhere, right ?  Nope.  Couldn’t find any.  Maybe it’s too early in the year.  Maybe they’ve been eradicated by super weed killers.  That meant I had to go to plan D2.  Had to use an adjective and work inside.  The saving grace of this post is that these smell so good, the cheating can be forgiven.

These days I start so many projects with a Google search.  Even if I’m going to do something I’ve done many times.  For example, grilled corn-on-the-cob.  It seems that checking five or six recipes, then choosing the one I like best, means I’m doing it my way.  So it is for these cinnamon ornaments, There are lots of slightly different combinations to be found.  Pinterest is the quickest way to peruse the variety.

I mixed it all up, rolled it out between plastic wrap. I rolled and cut out my shapes. Don’t forget to poke holes for hanging.

Be warned, this mixture takes infinite patience.  It crumbles terribly.  You just take the time to moosh it back together.  Pat gently, talk encouragingly, and don’t give up.  You can let it air dry or bake it at 200 degrees for a couple hours.

The smell of these wafts about 2 feet out.  I keep one by my computer.  The round ones with holes in them are an attempt to spread the scent a little further.  I’m going to hang them on the window screen and see if the wind will blow the frangrance around the room.

As wonderful as these are, don’t expect to see me taking them on Shark Tank.  You can easily make your own.


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