Eggs ~ Two Techniques

I love to dye things.  It’s so fun to use your best skills getting it all ready, then you have to accept that there is an element of the unknown.  When you’ve wrapped your eggs up, applied the dye, and waited as long as you could, opening them is like Christmas.

Since I’m born under the astrological sign of Gemini, I like to do things in twos.  Today I’ll do two techniques.  The natural dye and silk tie techniques were selected because I can’t believe that they will work.  The pictures shown online of the beautiful results leave me very skeptical.  So I’ll follow the directions very carefully, but I will be totally surprised if my dyed eggs come out looking that good.

Step One was deciding to boil the eggs for the natural technique, and blow out the eggy contents for the silk tie dyeing.  This was because I used my yard plants for the first one, and I was sure I’d want to keep the second kind if they came out really good.  At least an hour was spent looking for recipes to use the volume of egg I’d have after I blew it out of 6 eggs.  No one mentioned a good recipe in their directions.  It just seemed so wasteful to not do something with six eggs

Notice the teeny tiny hole in one egg…and the larger hole in the other ?  You figure that out right away.  Also, after blowing the eggy contents of just one egg out, you are not the least bit interested in using these eggs for food.  Trust me on this.  I have no idea why this is a two second video instead of a picture.IMG_1259.JPGIMG_1257The above green plant looks exactly like marijuana.  Crazy, huh ?  It’s from my Japanese maple.

After collecting plants, they are wrapped around the eggs, then put in a square of nylon stocking.  For the dye I used some frozen blueberries and a little vinegar.

IMG_1260.JPGIMG_1267.JPGIMG_1269These are the unwrapped eggs.  The light color is probably due to my impatience.  Also, some of the color washed off when I readied them for the fridge.  What to do with the leftover dye ?  Might as well put a t-shirt in it.

Let’s move on to the exciting project.  The silk tie dyeing technique !


Four ties, which are supposed to be 100% silk, were purchased from our local Goodwill store.  Then you cut a square of silk, wrap it around the egg, then wrap it with another cloth.


The wrapped eggs have to be boiled, then simmered for 20 minutes.  Then the exciting unwrapping part begins.


They came out pretty good.  The one with no color is from a 100% cotton tie.  Oh, well.

I’m calling this a success !

a to z letter badge E

and here’s a little update from the concrete post:

concrete update.JPGthese are not finished projects….just what they look like now.

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