Great Outdoors

Again, I am blogging from the road.  Today I’ll show you a wonderful place in Austin if you love plants.  It’s called The Great Outdoors.  When we pulled up and I realized it is right next door to the best Cuban restaurant, with cheese empanadas you’ll never forget, I started looking for an apartment I could rent.  (I’m kidding)  So let’s go !


Koi in their pond
This is one thing I came for.  I wanted to get some composting worms.  There was supposed to be 300 worms in this container.  Thankfully, I did not dump them out and argue.  The guy explained to me that there are 300 in various ages and stages…so some may be so tiny you can’t see them !


IMG_1309.JPGCheck out the plants growing on the roof.

Then we went to the Airplants building…it’s got plants and planters and seeds.

I got a couple of the plants above.


Airplants in shells


This picture will remind me to make a planter like this.


This garden art is interesting.


And finally, who doesn’t need this statement in their garden ?

That concludes my visit to The Great Outdoors.





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