Not basketball…hula hooping.  I’ve had an interest in hooping for a few years now.  The trouble is you don’t get better by wishing for it.  You have got to practice.  This may be what keeps me interested.  I know that if I’d put in the time, I’d get better.  Since my objective for participating in this A to Z blogging challenge was to learn to do things on my computer…today I’m going to attempt to post videos so you can see some talented folks.


That is a short video to show some beginner moves.

For a fancier video showing lots of more complicated moves, click below.


That video also shows how nice an LED hoop looks.

Check this out…it totally cracks me up.


The next video shows the Austin Flow Jam that is held every Tuesday evening on the steps of the state Capitol.  Since this was special, with lit up props…it’s called the Glow Jam.  I’ve been to Flow Jam one time, and it was quite fun.  Everyone was very friendly and helpful about teaching the tricks they knew.  You’ll notice that there are jugglers, hoopers, and people spinning staffs and poi (looks like a bean bag on a string)

Hope you’ve enjoyed the videos.  It was pretty easy to put them on here.

a to z letter badge H

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