Ink…..Alcohol Ink

IMG_1512 You are seeing the end result of practice with alcohol inks.  I couldn’t imagine an art product that I knew nothing about… a trip to the craft store and my online coupon set me up with a few supplies.  IMG_1499.JPGThe paper has a slick finish, and the squares are ceramic tiles that I got for sixteen cents each.  The stamper has removable felt squares that you put a few drops of the ink on.



That was fun.  Now to try for some swirly designs that come from putting ink drops directly on the paper or tile.

IMG_1505.JPGThis is fun because the colors bleed into each other.  You can blow or drag a stick around to mix them.  But where are the beautiful results that others have posted online ?  This abstract design keeps making me rotate the piece trying to turn it into something I recognize.  The final product is pretty underwhelming.  Many of the really beautiful pictures I’ve seen were of flowers so maybe that’s the direction I should go.

IMG_1513.JPGAdding more ink and stamping made that tile look a lot better.  It still makes me wonder what it is a picture of.  Maybe it’s time to start a new tile.

IMG_1515.JPGThis new start is looking a lot better.  According to the directions, one of the hard parts is deciding when to stop.  So this experiment was fun, but I really think more practice and colors would yield the best results.

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