Joki, JawZ, and Jetties

are copyrighted Zentangle patterns that I can’t draw here.  Who knew ?  I thought that I could draw a few of these as an introduction to zentangles.  It seems wrong to have to wait until “Z” to work on these fun drawings.  The picture below is a tangle that practices with the new pens.  Can you tell that I was more comfortable with the larger size pens ?

zen pens.JPGIn case this looks like random doodling to you, it might be a surprise to learn the rules of zentangles:

~  it has no “up” or “down”

~  it doesn’t picture anything…it is abstract

~  it is created by black ink on white paper

~  it is meant to be portable so you can make one anytime, anyplace

~  it is unplanned…the design reveals itself as you draw

~  if you make a mark that you don’t really like…don’t erase, use it to help you continue

~  it is celebratory, like meditation….doing it should make you feel good

With all of that in mind, I have to say that some of my favorite tangles depict flower or plant-like images.  Again, posting the work of others is iffy.  People are protective of their work, and it seems wrong to steal it.

One very attractive aspect of tangling is that it really doesn’t take fancy equipment to start.  I also like the quickness.  You don’t have to invest a lot of time to get started.  It definitely shares the element of the more you practice, the better your zentangles with be, with lots of other activities.

Sorry to make you go search for some live drawing, but my computer won’t let me post the videos.

Enjoy watching, or pick up something to draw with, and have a good time.

a to z letter badge J

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