New Necklines


I have no explanation for why I hate collars.  There is nothing sharper looking than a pressed collared shirt.  Seems like if you like the way they look, you could overcome whatever you have against them.  But I never have.

This post is trying out a technique I found online and one I’ve had in my mind for a long time.

Both of these shirts were purchased at a resale store with the specific intention of throwing them away if this didn’t work.


The first one is the easiest.  It leaves a slight Nehru style collar.  I could live with this.


You just get some sharp scissors and cut as close to the collar band as possible.  I was really skeptical about this.  It sure couldn’t get any easier, and it really looks okay.

Now for the tricky one.  It had a different kind of collar band which made it an excellent candidate for the technique I planned to use.  This is an idea I am inventing as I go.  It might work, might not.  At least I’ll bring the idea out of my head.

IMG_1563.JPGThis is the original collar.  Time to go.

IMG_1565.JPGIt looks better already.


Ha!  Pattern making

IMG_1597.JPGTruthfully…this is the point that I asked myself why I was doing this.  Collars as so hard to deal with, and I realized I didn’t have a plan to finish it on the bottom where this facing ends.  I seriously considered showing this shirt in the garbage can.  No! That will not do….persevere.  Sew that final seam. !



This is the final look, before the final hand sewing on the inside.

I’d consider it sort of a success.  There is no collar.  I figured out that a smaller facing might make this process easier.  On the down side, this took a while, and it wasn’t near as easy as whacking the collar off with scissors.

If I ever try this again, it will be on a blouse I truly love.

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