My happiest childhood memories are mostly outside.

Making mudpies with my cousins, swinging at our apartment’s playground, playing kickball with the neighbor kids.  After the chores were done, Mother and Daddy released me to the outdoors.  I could go anywhere as long as I let someone know where I was.  The only reason to go inside was to get something to eat; we all learned that dandelions and rose petals were perfectly good snacks.  That’s the inspiration for this blog.

I’m retired now, and having the greatest time…doing what I did when I was a kid.  I get minimal chores done, then head outside.  I don’t go out with an agenda…I go out and look for something fun to do.  Sometimes I plant stuff, sometimes I hula hoop…I’ve got a killer sound system on a rolling cart so I sing and dance and have a good time…..outside.

That’s the easy part.  Learning to set up this website, with the patient help of chat support, has been a bitch.  It doesn’t matter that there are three computer guys in my immediate family…I’m learning WordPress and committed to posting at least 26 times.

My family is cheering me on.